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uPVC Flush Sash Windows Oxford

Add character to any property in Oxford with our fantastic uPVC flush sash windows. Recognised by their sleek aesthetic, the profile sits flush within the frame. This makes for a visually appealing product and a wonderful home improvement.

You can benefit from a secure, energy-efficient home. The profile is designed using market-leading materials favoured for their durability. Using high-quality double glazing, the windows will keep homes at the optimum temperature throughout the year.

Here at TruTrade, we are specialists in supplying fantastic double glazing products. We supply to the trade and builders, as well as DIY homeowners. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service in every project. Find out more by getting in touch with us today.

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Customisation Options

We offer a wonderful selection of customisation options so you can transform your new window into one that’s truly bespoke. Along with a wide range of colours and finishes, we also allow you to select the hardware. Find out more by using our free quoting engine today.

Flush Sash Window Prices Oxford
Flush Windows Oxford
Flush Sash Windows Oxford

Benefits of Flush Sash Windows

Low Maintenance

For your convenience, uPVC flush sash windows are incredibly low maintenance. The materials will perform to the highest level with minimal upkeep. Just use a damp cloth every so often to wipe down the windows, and enjoy the benefits for decades.

Energy Efficient

We use double glazed units in the flush sash windows. The glazing traps a pocket of warm air, keeping properties warmer for longer. This will keep your energy usage low, therefore reducing the carbon emissions produced, and making an environmentally friendly impact.

Modern Design

uPVC flush sash windows are recognised with a sleek flush design. The profile sits flush within the frame for a smooth, modern finish. There are no unsightly lines and the aesthetic will look fantastic in both traditional and contemporary properties.


Our uPVC flush sash windows are fitted with high security multi-point locking systems. We also have the option for hinge bolts to give an extra layer of safety. Keep your Oxford property and possessions safe with our fantastic uPVc flush sash windows.


Keep draughts and cold winds from lowering the temperature of any property with our fantastic flush sash windows. The seals on the outer frame, as well as the sash, will eliminate the potential for rain to seep in. This will prevent any damage from occurring from even the most extreme weather.

10-Year Guarantee

You can rest assured, we have got you covered. Should anything happen to the windows over the years, we have a comprehensive 10-year guarantee. This will ensure you are protected following the installation. You can rely on us to keep you safe.

Flush Casement Windows Oxford


uPVC offers superior performance and longevity. The profile won’t warp, crack, distort or bend over time. During the most extreme weather conditions, the windows will excel in functionality. Make a long-term investment with our windows.

Flush sash windows are incredibly low maintenance, meaning you won’t have to worry about the windows looking and performing their best. Regarding upkeep, all that’s required is a wipe down with a damp cloth every so often, maintaining the contemporary appearance.

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Flush Sash Window Prices Oxford

Thermally Efficient

The frames work to keep heat loss at a minimum, along with the innovative double glazing. You can make a positive environmental impact with our flush sash windows. This will help to reduce the harmful emissions released into the atmosphere.

Double glazing works to retain heat within any property by trapping pockets of air in between the panes. This works as a thermal barrier, reducing energy usage by keeping the property warm. Your customers can enjoy a comfortable Oxford home with our windows.

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uPVC Flush Sash Windows Oxford Prices

Enjoy a stunning flush sash window in any Oxford property. Our windows are modern, energy-efficient, noise-reducing and durable.

Use our free online quoting engine today for a bespoke price. This free system allows you to create your ideal uPVC flush sash window and explore our colours and finishes. You can use this as many times as you like on our entire range of products.

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