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uPVC Doors Oxford

Add value to any property in Oxford with our range of uPVC doors. We offer uPVC front doors, including composite, as well as French and patio doors.

All the door profiles lead the way on their superior quality, offering fantastic energy efficiency, security and longevity.

We supply to trade, builders and DIY homeowners in Oxford and surrounding areas. We can also put you in touch with local installers should you need this service. Whether you are updating a commercial or domestic build, we can accommodate.

Durable, Secure uPVC Doors


Take advantage of a uPVC door that is fully customisable. We have an extensive portfolio of colours, all of which are fabricated with a durable coating. As well as this, our doors can be made with a fantastic woodgrain finish for a traditional aesthetic.

Not only do we offer colours, but our selection of hardware will add a unique touch to any uPVC door. From handles and hinges to knockers and letterboxes, we have a wide choice. Use our free online quoting tool to choose your preferred style choices.

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uPVC Door Benefits

Thermal Efficiency

uPVC is known throughout the industry for its fantastic thermal qualities. The profile works to keep your home at the ideal temperature even during the colder months in Winter. As well as this, the double glazing we use traps warm air that would have otherwise escaped your home in Oxford.


uPVC doors are fitted with a strong sealant made to weatherproof your home. This stops wind and cold draughts from getting into the property. As well as this, the seals will stop water ingress which may have otherwise cause damp and even mould inside the house.

Secure Locks

All our uPVC doors are designed with the security of our customers in mind. With shootbolts, multi-point mechanisms and key lock handles, you won’t be concerned about the safety of your home, family and possessions. These robust locking systems will keep you safe for decades.

Customisation Options

uPVC doors come in a range of styles including composite, French and patio. These come in a variety of configurations, as well as a selection of hardware. You can also decide on the colours to perfectly match your home in Oxford. Choose a bespoke door with our fantastic design options.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to the durability of uPVC, you won’t have to worry about the need for repair or constant upkeep. To keep your doors looking and functioning at the highest level, simply clean them down, including the moveable elements, with a damp cloth. Your doors will look just like new for years!

Market-Leading Materials

We only provide the best, high-quality materials to our customers. Our doors are made from robust uPVC as well as superior hardware. We use some of the biggest suppliers in the industry, and we ensure every product is tested to reach high standards, so you are satisfied with it.

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Composite Doors

This classic style is designed to blend a range of materials, each bringing their own unique benefit to the door. The core materials include uPVC, wood, foam insulation and steel reinforcement. The aesthetic is that of a traditional hardwood door with modern performance values.

A composite door promotes thermal efficiency due to its incredibly insulating core. This prevents draughts and cold air from entering the property. Additionally, thanks to the polymer skin, gaskets and robust hinges, the door excels in weatherproof any home, from the most extreme conditions.

While timber doors requiring a lot of maintenance to keep them performing at the highest level, composite doors are a time-saver. The GRP skin won’t damage over time, maintaining its incredible aesthetic. All that’s needed is a wipe down with a damp cloth to perform for years to come.

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French Doors

Homeowners can enjoy wider views of their garden and patio with a uPVC French door. These are designed using the Profile 22 system, which excels in security and energy efficiency. As well as this, French doors are visually appealing due to their slim framework and expansive glass.

French doors are recognised by the absence of a central mullion. This allows the doors to open fully, allowing panoramic views outside. The doors are fitted with secure locking cylinders and dog bolts to prevent unwanted entry. As well as this, we have the option for laminated glass for more protection.

This style of uPVC is an accessible solution for connecting your home to your garden. For those needing easy access through the doors, they can be installed with lower thresholds. This is ideal from wheelchairs and prams, making entry to and from the home much easier.

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Sliding Doors

Increase the light that enters Oxford homes with our fantastic patio doors. This style is an incredibly lightweight design, making them both easy to install and use. Patio doors work on a sliding system, gliding along a smooth track. This allows homeowners to open their home to the outside.

Patio doors are designed with weatherseals lining the framework. These prevent wind, rain and even snow from getting into any property. The durable uPVC will prevent water issues and will stop strong winds from causing damage to the doors for years to come, making them a worthwhile investment.

Keep noise pollution to a minimum with our patio doors. The profiles allow you to feel comfortable at home without the worry of sound disturbance. As well as this, the double glazing not only provides thermal insulation but works to separate outside noises with any property.

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uPVC Door Prices Oxford

Choose our uPVC doors to improve any Oxford property today. The patio, French and composite doors are thermally efficient and secure.

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