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Lantern Roofs Oxford

Increase the light in any Oxford property with our superb lantern roofs. This roofing system is one of the most energy-efficient on the market. They are designed to add a modern touch to any home, updating the existing roof and bringing a variety of practical benefits.

Lantern roofs allow natural light to stream into homes, brightening the space. The roofs are ideal for those wanting to update an existing extension or are building from the ground up. We offer a wonderful range of colours so each project can be customised to suit the existing décor.

Add market appeal and value to any Oxford building, whether that is domestic or commercial properties. We supply lantern roofs to trade and builders, as well as homeowners who are doing DIY. As well as supply, we can organise local installers to fit the lantern roofs.

Modern Lantern Roofs


Every lantern roof we manufacture is made bespoke to each customer. We have a selection of bold colours to make a statement or some for a more subtle appearance. The layout of the lantern roof is up to you. Whether you are looking to update an existing extension or starting a new project from scratch, our roofs will seamlessly match the appearance of any Oxford property.

lantern roof cost oxford
lantern roof price oxford
lantern roof costs oxford


Increased Light

Enjoy an influx of natural light with our lantern roofs. When extending homes in Oxford, it’s important to utilise daylight to brighten the room as much as possible. This will not only give the impression of a larger space but will help homeowners lower their electricity bills.

Thermal Performance

Lantern roofs excel in keeping spaces warmer for longer. The high-performance double glazing retains heat in between the panes, which stops heat from escaping. The aluminium is fully insulated and the structure is thermally broken, making a valuable addition to any extension.


From wet weather to strong winds, the outside conditions could prove an issue with under-performing roofs. Our lantern roofs will perform through the most extreme weather conditions, preventing structural damaging from occurring. They won't mould or rot, leaving homeowners with a fantastic investment.

Slim Sightlines

Using sleek aluminium, our lantern roofs offer slim sightlines. The modern framework is perfectly proportioned, meaning it is structurally robust even with heavy panes of glass. The slim beams will offer you fantastic views outside making this a minimalist yet practical design.


The lantern roofs we offer are designed to perform for years. They are built to last, refraining from damage from the harsh elements. With exceptional endurance, you won’t have to worry about repair or constant upkeep, enabling you to enjoy the roof for decades to come.

10-Year Guarantee

We ensure all our double glazing products are incredibly robust and won't damage. In the unlikely event that something should happen to the roofs, we offer a comprehensive 10-year guarantee. Have peace of mind that you are protected with us.

lantern roof costs oxford


We work with some of the biggest suppliers in the industry. All our suppliers use high-quality materials to fabricate the lantern roofs. Everything is tested on its longevity as well as its weather resistance and durability. We ensure every lantern roof installed reaches high industry standards in all of these areas.

During wind, rain, and the more extreme weather conditions, lantern roofs will refrain from damage. The exceptional structural integrity will ensure the roofs perform, as the aluminium is one of the strongest materials in the home improvement industry. Make a worthwhile investment with our roof.

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lantern roof price oxford

Double Glazing

Our lantern roofs come fitted with exceptional double glazing as standard. This works to reduce heat loss in any extension. Underperforming roofs may let draughts seep into the property, and let heating escaping. However, the innovative lantern roofs we supply achieve high levels of energy efficiency.

Not only does the double glazing work as a thermal barrier, but it also has a plethora of benefits. The glass allows natural light to stream into the property, brightening the space. As homeowners utilise the outdoor light, they will reduce how much electricity used, therefore saving you money on their bills.

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Lantern Roof Prices Oxford

Invite light into any Oxford home with our contemporary lantern roofs. The roofing systems add value to any property, ensuring a modern home improvement.

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