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Composite Doors Oxford

We supply a fantastic selection of modern, durable composite doors in Oxford. These doors are secure, thermally efficient and incredibly low maintenance. As well as the range of practical benefits, the doors are visually appealing so will add kerb appeal to any home in Oxford.

Composite doors have the look of traditional timber, however, they are made from a combination of market-leading materials. Each brings their own unique benefit to the door, allowing you to benefit from high-performance values for years to come.

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Durable, Secure Composite Doors


Composite doors come in a range of styles and layouts. Whether you want double glazing in a certain style or prefer more privacy with fewer windows, we can accommodate to your choice. The glass can be customised with our obscured patterns for a unique look to your Oxford property.

As well as this, we have a fantastic selection of colours and finishes for a truly bespoke, unique product. This includes a traditional woodgrain finish for a more traditional look.

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Composite Door Benefits

Energy Efficient

The super-insulating core within the profile ensures heat loss is kept to a minimum. The combination of materials works as a thermal barrier, keeping the property in Oxford at the optimum temperature. As well as this, the doors prevent draught from occurring within any home.


Each composite door comes fitted with highly secure Yale locks as standard. The multi-point mechanisms keep unwanted intruders away due to the robust system. In both commercial and residential properties, you can rely on our locks to prevent break-ins and damage.

Market-Leading Materials

Composite doors have the appearance of traditional timber doors, with modern materials. The doors are designed using a plethora of materials, from uPVC and wood to foam insulation and steel reinforcement. Thee have been expertly crafted to benefit the property in a variety of ways.


For those needing more accessibility, we are happy to offer composite doors with a lower threshold. This is the ideal solution for those with young children needing prams, or for wheelchair users. These mobility-friendly composite doors will let homeowners enter and exit their home with ease.

Double Glazing

Our doors are installed with market-leading double glazing as standard. This versatile addition to the door are thermally efficient, trapping heat within the building. We offer a range of decorative glass in a wonderful selection of colours, which can match any aesthetic and property type.!

Noise Reducing

Whether you live on a busy street or even by noisy fields, our composite doors excel in keeping sound to a minimum. Relax at home without the issue of noise that would come with underperforming doors. This is due to the fantastic polyurethane core.

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Thermally Efficient

Regular timber doors provide very little insulation. Updating the entranceway with a sleek composite door is the best solution to maintain the optimum temperature. The super-insulating core works to keep heat in the home, as well as strong weatherseals around the frame.

Utilising the central heating, the door will play an integral role in keeping energy bills low. Save money in the long-run as warmth gets trapped inside and cold winds are left outside. Additionally, as you use less energy, you will reduce you’re the carbon emissions you produce.

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Made with a robust reinforced GRP skin, composite doors will refrain from damage from the elements. As well as this, the gaskets, hinges and core structure won’t be harmed during even the most extreme weather. We test every door so they meet weather standards, giving you peace of mind.

Composite doors require very little maintenance over time, all that’s needed is a wipe down with a damp cloth. Benefit from high performance, as they keep their stunning exterior for years. The doors won’t warp, bend, crack or discolour making them the perfect solution to improving your customer’s home.

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Composite Door Prices Oxford

Enhance any entrance in Oxford with our fantastic composite doors. We offer a selection of styles and colours for a tailor-made finished product.

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