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Aluminium Doors Oxford

Update any Oxford home with an innovative aluminium door. Designed to outperform traditional timber, aluminium doors excel in energy efficiency, security and longevity. As well as this, the internal strength of aluminium makes the doors a popular choice for homeowners.

Each door is crafted to reach the highest industry standards. Every profile is customised for each house and each aesthetic. We offer handles, letterboxes and glass inserts for you to choose from. As well as this, you have the choice of our fantastic colour and finishes.

Here at TruTrade, we deliver to trade and builders. We also deliver to homeowners for those looking to do their own DIY. We can provide a team of efficient installers who will perform a quick installation. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Durable, Secure Aluminium Doors


Composite doors come in a range of styles and layouts. Whether you want double glazing in a certain style or prefer more privacy with fewer windows, we can accommodate to your customer’s choice. The glass can be customised with our obscured patterns for a unique look to any Oxford property.

As well as this, we have a fantastic selection of colours and finishes for a truly bespoke, unique product. This includes a traditional woodgrain finish for a more traditional look.

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aluminium door oxford cost
aluminium door cost oxford

Aluminium Door Benefits

Modern Design

Aluminium is modern both in its visual appearance and in its performance. The lightweight profile can hold large panes of glass without the worry of weakening or damage to the structure. Take advantage of a sturdy aluminium door, despite the incredibly slim form of the frames.

Thermally Efficient

Combining innovative aluminium with fantastic double glazing results in a thermally efficient product. The glazing works by creating a barrier between the interior heating from seeping outside. This will keep your house warmer for longer and fundamentally lower your energy bills.

Low Maintenance

This style of door is crafted from extruded aluminium alloy, one of the highest quality materials in the industry. Because of this, it performs without the needed for repair or repainting over time. With minimal upkeep needed, aluminium doors area desirable improvement to homes nationwide.


This style of door is crafted from extruded aluminium alloy, one of the highest quality materials in the industry. Because of this, it performs without the needed for repair or repainting over time. With minimal upkeep needed, aluminium doors area desirable improvement to homes nationwide.


Improve the security of your home in Oxford with our aluminium doors. The durable profile cannot be damaged by intruders, stopping forced entry from occurring. This, along with our secure locking systems, will give you peace of mind that your family are safe and sound at home.

10-Year Guarantee

For your peace of mind, we offer a comprehensive 10-year guarantee. This applied to all our double glazing products. You can rely on us to deliver fantastic service with superior products. However, you can rest assured you are protected with us.

aluminium door oxford cost

Thermally Efficient

Aluminium doors are designed to retain heat for much longer. As a material, aluminium resists any thermal transfer between the interior and exterior. This maintains the existing temperature within the property, regulating homes from becoming too hot in the warmer summer months.

As you use less heating, homeowners you can take advantage of a reduction in energy bills. Not only does this save you money in the long-term, but it will significantly reduce the negative environmental impact. Reduce the harmful emissions with our fantastic, eco-friendly aluminium doors.

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aluminium door cost oxford

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

This is an incredibly modern product that is a design ever-growing in popularity. Aluminium bi-fold doors are a sleek addition to any home. The work by easily folding away by sliding along a smooth roller system. The lightweight aluminium makes them effortless to push to the side.

Widen the space with our aluminium bi-fold doors. Our revolutionary home improvement allows panoramic views outside any property. As well as this, the doors let light stream into extensions, brightening the space. This will help reduce homeowner’s electricity bills as you utilise daylight.

Benefit from increased security and a reduction in noise with our fantastic aluminium bi-fold doors. The multi-point locking systems will keep our home protected, combining shootbolts, robust hinges and handles. You can rely on us to keep any house and possessions safe.

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aluminium bifold doors costs oxford

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Open up any home with expansive glass when you choose our sliding doors. These are the perfect solution for both contemporary and traditional properties, adding a modern touch. The doors are designed with a slim aluminium frame, fitted with high-quality double glazing.

Sliding doors work on an effortless roller system. The sliders open and close in a line, rather than opening in or outwards. This saves space in the property, and allow natural light to stream inside. Sliding doors are a seamless transition to any garden and outdoor area.

As well as a fantastic appearance, sliding doors are designed with a thermal break. This retains the existing heat in the property and also prevents an excess of heat. The sliding doors excel in weather resistance, keeping draughts and water ingress away.

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Aluminium Door Prices Oxford

Our aluminium doors will make a statement to any property in Oxford. The doors are secure, thermally efficient and excel in durability.

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